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My electric vehicle projects

Welcome to my website. You can follow the conversion here. You'll find some schematics of my electric vehicle controller and some explanations for the conception. You also can visit my blog about electric vehicles.

On my blog

5.The TTXGP the first green motorcycle Grand Prix

The TTXGP at Isle of Man was also the meeting to see the best electrics motorcycles prototypes.

4.ion electric sportbike

A 12000$ DIY Electric Motorcycle Kawasaki Ninja. Nice design, nice power. Interesting videos about the ion sportbike conceptions

e-mob's articles

1.Controller V1.0

DC motor speed controller for EV application 100V 500A how to make a simple speed controller using PWM and Arduino platform programmation.

2.Controller V2.0

current limilted controller using LEM current transducer how to use LEM HAIS current transducer in economic mode.

Articles to come

1.Controller V3.0

controller 100V 500A with regenerative breaking.

2.BMS LiFePo4

LiFePo4 BMS (Battery Management System) BMS 12 cells.

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Why this website?

Because I would like to share my personnal experience in electronics and vehicle conversion. I would like to help people who wants to make more than connecting cable on his vehicle and I hope to find some contacts to continue my conversion.